Boost the Fitness

of your Interaction Centre

KatoApo identifies specific training needs and process deficiencies, adding gamification to promote self-improvement.

Interaction Centres are costly

Your interaction centre staff have the most touchpoints with your customers - their efficiency and confidence in their activities is crucial.

Given the lack of detail about the customer, increasing performance pressures, and the plethora of systems and processes an interaction centre agent must deal with, it’s no wonder there is a high level of staff churn. In such environments, staff training and efficiency tracking is essential.

Interaction Centre Insights Platform

Our platform gathers valuable insights into Agents’ activities across all of their touchpoints.

The platform is light-touch to enable rapid deployment, providing Supervisors and Trainers data in near real-time about the efficiency levels of agents to identify behaviour and performance outside of the norm.

Improve efficiency

Gamified aspects

Target coaching

Identify problems

Refined process

Interaction Centre Consultancy

With our wealth of industry experience, we can provide:

  • Operational assessments to establish ‘As Is’ processes, systems, metrics and organizations

  • Recommendations, based on gap analysis to best practice, with an implementation roadmap prioritized on business value

  • Roadmap implementation support – even in parallel with an outsourcing initiative

  • Procurement support, creating requirements based on business goals and industry best practice, establishing a scoring mechanism for vendor selection and assessing the potential impacts of the responses to your business

  • Ongoing vendor monitoring and improvement

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The team at KatoApo has significant experience improving the efficiency of interactions centres.

We understand that delivering rapid measurable business benefit is the only key to the success of your improvement initiative, and we deliver software solutions to help you achieve that.